Black n Bianco Boys' Flannel Plaid Shirt in Black and White

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  • I am made with the finest 100% Cotton
  • COLOR: Checkered Plaid Black and White
  • Slim Collar for a modern style
  • Curve hem so the shirt will look great tucked or un-tucked
  • Made and designed for kids. Comfort. Style. Modern.
  • Please Iron me on the lowest settings.
Our flannel shirts are breathable enough to withstand any hot, humid or dry weather. The fine honey smooth rich texture of our cotton is comfy enough to wear all day or night as you sail throughout the seas. Made with a durable stitching technique mastered by our seamstress to endure the daily life of a pirate. Designed by Pirates / Made for Pirates.Our flannel shirts are made with the same lavish fabrics you would find at the White and Black Sea port sold only to the elites. Being The Black Ring Pirates we made it accessible to all pirates! You can use our flannel shirts in anyway you deem fit as it's very easy to mix with any other garments. Rules were meant to be broken and finding your own personal taste is the key to a pirates uniform. As our garments were made to be a vehicle for self-expression.Even though we are wild pirates we still uphold the heritage of unparalleled dedication to quality, workmanship and care into our garments. We reimagined the styles you know and love. Making the ordinary extraordinary! Creating a button down flannel dress shirt that can be proudly represented by a modern pirate.