Black n Bianco Boys' Golden Age Slim Fit Blazer with Gold Brass Buttons in Deep Navy

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  • Imported
  • Features Two Side Vents in the Back
  • Made from the treasures found throughout the seven seas. Finest Polyester Rayon Blend.
  • Captain Baby Milan is the creator of our Golden Age Blazers with Gold Colored Brass Buttons. A modern slim fit blazer that is narrow through the shoulders, chest and waist creating a tailored silhouette, perfect for any pirates who needs a polished persona.
  • Made from the finest honey smooth fabrics that you would find at the Black and White sea port sold only to the elites. We made them available to all pirates because we believe in sharing the loot! Has the same fit as our first class slim fit suits, but with a heavy coat of fabric to weather the storm of a pirates daily life.
  • Our Blazer features custom engraved gold colored brass buttons of Baby Muffin. The custom gold buttons accentuate the vibrant colors of the fabric. While our custom Baby Muffin and Baby Milan pattern lining adds a layer of personality to every single blazer. Creating a unique blend of formal traditions with wild design aesthetics. Designed by Pirates Made for Pirates.
  • Even though we are wild pirates we still uphold the heritage of unparalleled dedication to quality, workmanship and care into our garments. Our Golden Age Blazer features the same detailed craftsmanship you would find in a mens blazer.  Embracing traditional craftsmanship with a fresh reinterpretation of styles you know and love.
  • Capturing the essence of childhood elegance with the wild free spirit of a pirate. We live by the Black Ring Pirates code of being free to pursuit our dreams without limitations. Defending our freedom by fulfilling our true will. Love is our LAW!