Black n Bianco Boys' Red Slim Zipper Neck Tie

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  • Slim design for a modern style
  • Zipper adjustment: Simple to wear
  • Available in three sizes: 10 inch, 13 inch, 15 inch
  • Handmade with Love and Passion
Our boys' slim neckties are made with the perfect blend of polyester and cotton. Soft, Smooth and Style the three essentials elements to crafting our kids neck ties. When you run your figures throughout our ties you will feel the lustrous soft and smooth fabric. Pre-tied which means your little munchkins can easily wear the ties without any assistance. We understand the charm of a perfectly tied knot, so we designed a tie that looks just as good if not better than a real tie. You little guy won't have to spend any time trying to master the art of tying a knot. With a permanent knot that is always perfectly tied he will look polished and handsome no matter how he decides to style our ties.
Our ties use a high quality fabric blend to give them a nice sharp, vivid and elegant shine. Vibrant colors that are eye catching without the dramatic harsh tones. Making a statement with class and style.